Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Why you haven't seen me or heard from me and may possibly be wondering if I am still alive...

Hello my friends! Since I have received many "Are you alive?" e-mails, texts, and comments, I thought I would explain my absence as of late. First of all, I was in Charleston last weekend visiting one of my best friends on the whole planet! It was so wonderful to get to visit Brittany (the hyperlink thing isn't working, but she's in my top 8 so check her out there) and spend a bit of time with her. I wish it could have been more!

But anyway, the main reason that you haven't seen me and/or heard from me is because I am currently working 2 part time jobs and a full time job at the church, plus all my normal extra-curricular volunteer stuff. So yeah. I leave my house at 7am and return around 11pm, just in time to wash my face, read for a bit, and fall asleep. I didn't even watch the new Gilmore Girls last night, so you people know that I must be busy and exhausted! By the way, don't spoil it for me because I probably won't have time to watch it until this weekend. So yeah. This is day 3 of 13+ hours at work. Fun times. But yea for my first sizeable paycheck ever!!! :-)

In other news, I go to court tomorrow. Not looking forward to talking in front of a jury about a wreck that ruined my life (at that time) almost 4 years ago. Please pray that it will be over and done with quickly, and that they won't be mean to me when they cross examine me. Jason is taking off work to go with me, so he definitely wins the prize for most supportive person.

Anyway, I hope all of you are doing well! Please e-mail me or message me, so that I can keep in touch with you that way... I can return e-mails on my lunch break! If I normally talk to you on a regular basis and haven't been lately, rest assured that I miss you dearly and can't wait until my schedule slows enough to allow conversations once more. See you then! :-)

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