Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Survey (Yeah, I know I'm a dork.)

Somewhere along the way, I decided it was okay to start filling out these stupid survey things... I'm such a huge dork! Really, I just wanted everyone to see #3. :-)


2. LONGEST RELATIONSHIP? 3 1/2 months or so.

3. LAST GIFT YOU RECEIVED? A dozen red roses delivered to my office yesterday and a White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks last night. :-) It was definitely the perfect day.

4. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU DROPPED YOUR CELL? About a million. I should really put his little outfit on to protect him.

5. WHEN'S THE LAST TIME YOU WORKED OUT? Ooh, it's been awhile... I guess since before I hurt my knee! I bench pressed a bar on Sunday, though. :-)

6. THING(S) YOU SPEND A LOT OF MONEY ON? My car payment and car insurance take over 70f my income.

7. LAST FOOD YOU ATE? A biscuit (not a cookie for you British folk... an actual biscuit like people in America eat for breakfast).


9. ONE FAVORITE SONG? "Hold Me Now" or lots of other songs by Jennifer Knapp... she has made a strong reappearance in my CD player lately.

10. WHERE DO YOU LIVE? With my parents. I'm a loser.



13. LONGEST JOB YOU HAD: Hopefully the one I have now! I think I tutored Biology at UT longer than I've done anything else so far.

14. DO YOU OWN A PAIR OF DICE?: I'm sure I do inside a board game somewhere.

15. LAST WEDDING ATTENDED?: Hm... I've been to so many! I think the last one was my cousin Katie's.

16. FIRST PERSON YOU'D CALL IF YOU WON THE LOTTERY: My sister, because she will be home from England on Friday and I more than likely will not win between now and then, seeing as how I'm not going to buy a ticket.

17. LAST TIME YOU ATTENDED CHURCH: I work there, so yesterday.


19. BIGGEST LIE YOU HAVE HEARD? Probably something like, "No, I really do care about you." Stupid boys.

20. CAN YOU COOK?: I am very adept at following recipes. :-) I just made a pecan pie the other night, actually!

21. WHAT CAR DO YOU DRIVE?: A pretty blue Honda Accord.

22. BEST KISSER?: I plead the fifth to avoid incriminating myself. But it is definitely the last person that I kissed.

23. LAST TIME YOU CRIED?: I teared up last night watching a little boy hug his daddy good night. Gets me everytime!



26. THING YOU DISLIKE MOST ABOUT YOURSELF: My constant failure to follow God and do what he asks me to do.

27. FAVORITE MOVIE? Hotel Rwanda

28. CAN YOU SING?: People say that I can.

29. LAST CONCERT ATTENDED?: Slow Runner and Scratch Track at 3rd and Lindsley in Nashville. Amazing.

30. LAST MOVIE RENTED: Rent, I think.

31. FAVORITE VACATION SPOT?: Anywhere exciting, cultural, and new!

32. DO YOU LIKE CHINESE FOOD?: Love it... both American Chinese food and authentic!

33. LAPTOP OR DESKTOP COMPUTER?: I have a laptop, but I use my parents' desktop quite frequently.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

My Top 8 Survey.

Okay, I never do these surveys, but I was bored and liked this one, so here you go! :-)

My Top 8 Survey:

1) How long have you known this person?: My whole life! She is my sister.
2) Where does this person live? Currently out of a backpack all over stinkin' Europe. So not fair.
3) What is this person's initials?: ADS
4) Why is this person in spot 1?: Because she's my favorite person on the whole planet, and my favorite thing in the whole world!
5) Where did you meet?: Probably the hospital in Florida where she was born.
6) How old is this person?: 21

1) Is this person older than 18? Yes.
2) Have you done anything illegal with this person? I seriously doubt it. Maybe speeding. Is Alien Head Gear illegal?
3) What is this person's stereotype: Blonde cheerleader? Even though she claims to be brunette.
4) What song(s) remind you of this person? Anything prior to 1999 or some sappy love song that we used to listen to while crying about Ryan. :-)
5) Do you trust him/her?: Most definitely.
6) How did you meet?: Environmental Science class with Mrs. Fiddler and the leaf project of death. Fun times.

1) When did you meet this person?: We were roommates together starting our sophomore year at Union. I'm sure we had met before then, but that's when we became friends!
2) Does he/she have any tattoos?: No, which really surprises me as much as she's hung around crazies like me. :-)
3) What school does this person go to?: She graduated from Union.
4) Is this person athletic?: ha ha She bought a baseball cap to wear when she plays sports, so I guess so! :-)
5) What do you like most about this person?: Although she is often slowed down by her commitment to practicality, she is one of the best friends I have ever had in my entire life, and desires to know God and do His will in a way that constantly inspires me.
6) How often do you hang out?: Never. Sad.

[PERSON FOUR]: Brittany
1) Who is this person's best friend?: Me! And her sister. :-)
2) Why is this person on your Top 8?: Because she is one of my best friends and seeing her smiling face everyday makes me smile, too!
3) When's the last time you saw this person?: Way too long ago. The day after I got off my crutches, whenever that was.
4) Does this person have a crush on anyone?: Why yes, yes she does. :-)
5) If you were to go to Six flags would you take this person?: Forget Six Flags. How about China?
6) How did you meet?: Through her punk boyfriend, Dave, I'm pretty sure.

[PERSON FIVE:] Jocelyn
1) What is your favorite thing about this person?: She isn't afraid of life and pursues happiness wholeheartedly.
2) What are this person's hobbies?: Dancing!!!
3) Does this person have a 4.0 GPA?: ha ha She's very smart, though!!!
4) What car does this person drive? One that is always broken.
5) How long do you want to stay in touch with this person? ALWAYS!!!


1) Have you seen this person's baby pictures?: No, actually.
2) What is one thing this person taught you?: That I am cool enough to be friends with the popular kids. :-)
3) What is one thing you taught them? I have no idea.
4) How old is this person?: Oooh... 26? 25?
5) Where did you meet?: We went to school together and our bands often played together!!!

1) Do you know this person's parents?: I know his mom.
2) What type of clothes does this person wear? Ones that are approximately 4 times too big for him. But he still manages to look cute. :-)
3) Have you been to his/her house? I feel like I practically live there.
4) What's your favorite memory with them?: He's my newest friend out of everyone in my top 8! But we've already made memories that will stay with me forever, and hopefully will continue to make many more. :-)
5) How did you Meet?: ha ha Funny story. In prison.

[PERSON EIGHT]: Greenwood
1)What is their favorite band? That's a funny question since they are a band!
2)Where does this person work? They are full time musicians, supported by their lovely, hard working wives. :-)
3) What do you like most about this person? They are some of my favorite people in the whole world! Talk about memories. I learned so much about myself and who I am from being with them. They will always hold a priceless place in my heart.
4) When did you meet this person?: My sophomore year at Union.
5 Where is this person right now? Just outside of Baltimore, MD.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Mini Road Trip.

Well, it has been quite awhile since I have posted. It is not because I've had nothing to say. It is because I have had too much to say. I'm basically sick of my emotions and ready to have them surgically removed. That's right. I, the most emotional person in the world, am finally sick of my emotions for possibly the first time in my life. So, that's fun.

Good things have been happening, though. For example, last night I went on a mini road trip to Nashville. It was really nice to be alone for the six hours of driving. I miss being alone. It is one of my favorite things in the world, but I never remember that until I have the chance to be by myself. Praise God for really good CDs, great driving weather, and a gift certificate for gas that enabled me to make the trip in the first place.

First, I went to the outlet malls in Lebanon because I left Knoxville about an hour and a half too early. Yea for springtime clothes! Pretty sure everything I got was either pink or blue. Then, I got lost on the way to Murphy's Loft, where I saw my exciting new friend Jason Cox play with some friends. The music was not something that I typically listen to (a little country for my taste), but they were so talented that I loved it!

Then I proceeded to one of the greatest shows I've been to in a long time! I got to see some of my good friends Scratch Track play, and they did such a phenomenal job! It was really wonderful to see them, and even though I've seen them play a million times, I was incredibly impressed. The band that opened up for them was really good, too. It was like The Postal Service meets Cold Play. Freakin' amazing. Slow Runner.

Well, I've written entirely too much and not said anything. Maybe I'll write again soon. :-) I love you guys!