Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Joy in Suffering.

God is so amazing. Sometimes I just have to sit back and admire the intricacies of his work in this world. It's so easy to miss it. Yet when you look for it, it surrounds you inescapably.

I've been privileged to sit under the teaching of the book of Job recently, and found myself wondering while listening why I wasn't suffering in my life. After all, as it says in Romans 5, suffering produces perseverance, character, and hope. So while wondering that, I suddenly begin facing all these independently unimportant challenges that, when piled all together, began to rob me of the joy I have in Christ. I have been frustrated, grumpy, and feeling slighted at every turn. I have been selfish and quick to anger instead of "abounding in love," which covers a multitude of wrongs.

Today, I suddenly realized that all of these things are my opportunity to grow - they are a type of suffering! No matter how miniscule the trial, if I am not using it to allow Christ to refine me to his image, I am not making the best of my situation. It was one of those beautiful times when you feel smart for a moment, then stupid for not realizing your simple mistake before.

God, help me to always see each trial, no matter how slight, as an opportunity to be molded to your image. I want to be more like you every day, no matter what that entails. I know this is a bold prayer, but (I think, I hope, I pray) it is the true desire of my heart. If I don't truly desire that the world see you glorified, then I have no purpose on this earth. Let my weaknesses be holes through which your glory shines.

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