Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A poor attempt to describe the inexplicable.

I just listened to an amazing woman tell the story of how God drew her to him, and I find myself sitting here quite speechless, yet with the need to attempt to express some of the musings with which my spirit is currently overwhelmed.

God is amazing. It seems a trite statement, perhaps, but it is all that I can say. His supremacy and his sovereignty are beyond my limited human comprehension. Every once in awhile we are allowed to see just a glimpse of how he works all things together for his good, and these tiny windows of insight are enough to baffle our minds.

God, you are good, perfect, and worthy of more praise than we can give and infinitely more glory than we can try to reflect. We are all destitute before you. I desperately cry out for your guidance, knowing that I have not the wisdom nor the determination to make the choices I should. Lord, let me be a faithful servant. The best deeds I could ever hope to accomplish would still be but filthy rags, and I thank you that because of your grace, they need not be more than that - a meager attempt at an offering to you. Thank you for your mercy and love that has spared us the dues of our actions. Thank you for making it possible for us to have a relationship with you, and thereby experience the only true joy and peace we could ever hope to know. Thank you for seeing each of us, laid bare with all our weaknesses exposed, and lavishing your pure and perfect love upon us.

You are too marvelous for words. Forgive my poor attempt. Teach me to love you, and to love those whom you love.

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