Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lincoln article and quiet time input.

Going through my seemingly infinite amount of daily e-mail subscriptions, I came across a good article written by John Piper yesterday in honor of Abraham Lincoln's birthday. My favorite part of the article is actually a quote he includes by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a man who was imprisoned in Joseph Stalin's "corrective labor camps." It's a great article, so check it out here: Abraham Lincoln's Path.

Not only did I want to share that, but I wanted to ask all of you a question. I am nearing completion on a three year long study reading through the whole Bible in my quiet time, and I'm trying to decide what to study next. Unfortunately, the plan was only for one year, but I'm a horribly sinful person who often prioritizes things like the snooze button over my quiet time. Plus, I tend to want to read one verse over and over and think a lot about that instead of reading chapters at a time like they suggest. Anyway, I wanted some help from you guys as I decide what to do next. So here are my questions.

Do you have a regular quiet time?
Is there a basic outline for what you do?
How do you pick what you read in your quiet time? Do you go book by book, topic by topic, verse by verse?
Do you use external materials in your quiet time?
How the heck do you get out of bed in the morning?

I really do want you guys to answer. You can send me a message if you don't want to leave a comment. Happy commenting!

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