Friday, March 6, 2009

The 15th Thing I Love.

#15 - Sales (and coupons).

I love sales. Not the occupation. Not that at all. Rather, the process of finding something at a great price. I am the princess of coupons (the queen, if you're wondering, is Lindsay McKaig). I orchestrate trips so that I'll be completely out of gas when I'm closest to the cheapest gas station. I sign up for mailing lists and sort through hundreds of spam messages so that I get the coupons and sale notices. Once it starts getting close to August, I basically refuse to go anywhere that I can't use a school coupon (that's when they expire, if you're wondering).

I don't think I've ever paid more than $20 for an article of clothing (except bridesmaid dresses, which are unfortunately not negotiable), including shoes and my high school prom dress. It was $20 and I wore it four times. I would typically rather go hungry than spend money on food. I can be easily pressured into something if you convince me that it's a good deal. I don't have a pantry, and the inability to stock up on food items when they're at their lowest cost physically pains me sometimes. I use gift cards and store credit cards to get "points" that may or may not save me money. I carry around a wallet full of frequent shoppers cards and coffee punch cards, and I get giddy when I get to redeem one of them (which is not very often, due to the fact that I usually go without in order not to spend money).

So, if anyone ever knows of good deals, coupons, or sales, pass them along! I get excited just knowing about them, even if I don't have the money to shop. :-)

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