Thursday, October 8, 2009

The 11th Thing I Love.

#11 - Macs.

That's right. I'm no longer impartial. I'm not Switzerland, and I have an opinion on this issue that I am ready to voice. I have switched from the sidelines into the battle, and I'm jumping in on the Mac side. I was getting peripheral fire anyway, so I thought I might as well at least start defending myself. What did me in? Well, first of all, using one! I used PCs my whole life, then a job bought me a MacBook and I used it for a year. When it came time to buy my own computer, Mac was the only idea in my head. I didn't really consider a PC. But I still didn't think I was in the fight. It was when my computer crashed and people started taking shots at me instead of expressing sympathy at my lost data that I realized I needed to formulate my opinion and be ready to stand on it, because I was considered a part of the battle whether I wanted to be or not. That is when I became a Mac person. (Oh... And when they gave me a free iPod touch. That really helped their cause, too.)

But hasn't your hard drive crashed twice in two months, you ask? Why yes, yes it has. Well, 1.5 times actually. And if I can go through all this hassle and still love my computer at the end of the day (and the company that sold it to me), I think that's true love. Don't you wish you were in love with your computer? You do? I have a simple solution for you, my friend. Buy a Mac. Even if you don't like who it is on the inside, you've got to admit... it's a hottie! :-)

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Grayson said...

I concur. Once you switch to a Mac, it's very hard to go back. I have 30gb dedicated to XP on mine but I hardly ever use it. I love music and writing....why would I ever use a PC for those?