Monday, January 16, 2006

Down Once More.

You just thought you had heard the last of my comedic "Rachel's on crutches" anecdotes. But never fear! More comedy awaits you.

So I'm at work on Friday by myself (I had to staple 400 copies of the budget to 400 pledge cards that I'd helped make the day before... fun times... no really). I finally finished, so I was walking around locking up and turning out all the lights. Because I was turning out the lights, I didn't see the slight puddle on the floor. My cane hits the puddle and slips directly out from underneath me, causing my bad knee to give out. I landed directly on my knee with full force, and heard something crack. Yuck. Because no one else was in the office, I took full advantage of the opportunity and laid in the floor and cried for about 10 minutes, thereby extending the puddle. So, now I am back on crutches until I can get in to see the doctor again. Yea!

I was sick of the cane before (it's not nearly as fun when you can't decorate it as a candy cane for Christmas), and after two days back on crutches I'm begging for the cane again.

Here's something else: when people see the crutches again, they want to know what happened. When I say that I fell, they all roll their eyes like I did it on purpose or like I'm clumsy and do things like this all the time. The more I deny a predisposition to clumsiness, the more they think I'm lying! :-) Now, those of you who have known me healthy know that I am not clumsy. The last time I fell prior to this was (I think) in front of my entire high-school. ha ha Shout out to Jeremy Phillips who is probably the only person on here who remembers our "In the Jungle" airband. Video tapes were invented to keep people humble if they ever start thinking they aren't losers. :-)

Anyway, as much as I try to amuse myself with the irony of it all, it's getting a little old. I've been on a cane or crutches for over 3 months now. Please pray that I'll start getting better.

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