Wednesday, August 2, 2006

The death of one of my all time best friends.

Well, everyone, I have some very sad news. Many of you know and love Cookie, our little miniature schnauzer. This morning, she passed away after about a week and a half of severe, sudden illness. This dog was truly special. She would play hide and seek with children for hours when we got tired of entertaining them. She did about 40 tricks including things like sneeze, smile, pray, dance, wave goodbye, and whisper. She played Duck Duck Goose (although she did tend to cheat a bit). I would do anything to see her do all of those one last time. Cookie could always tell when a person was sad and would work relentlessly to comfort them, bringing toys and cuddling close. Even people who thought they didn't like dogs were eventually won over by her gentleness and charm. She was the world's perfect dog, and she will be desperately missed.

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