Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The best news EVER.

I know, I know... two days in a row for blogging is a bit much. But I have some INCREDIBLY exciting news.

Not only have I never seen a live NFL game, but I don't even get to watch the Giants on TV because they never show their games on the stations here. I don't get cable, so I even missed the MNF game last night.

But, I just wanted to share the most amazing thing that happened today in staff meeting.

I was going over the calendar (which I keep up with for the whole church), and I see that on November 26th, someone has written me as "out." Very odd, since I am the only person who keeps up with the calendar.

I said, "Who wrote this? I'm not going to be out that day."

Mike says, "Yes, you are. It's on the online calendar, too."

I look, and there it is. Plain as day. It says, "Rachel out for the Giants/Titans game in Nashville!!!!!!"

The staff chipped in and bought me two tickets to watch the Giants play when they come to Nashville! I get to see them in real life!!!! They even gave me money for gas to get there and back. I cannot believe it. I am so elated. I work with the world's greatest, nicest, most amazing people! There is absolutely no reason for them to have done something so huge and so kind for me, and yet, they did!!!

The Giants won last night, the performances of Eli, Amani, and Gibril (my team captain) got the win for me in my fantasy league, and now I get to see them play LIVE!!!!

And, I have two tickets...


Anonymous said...

See how much people like you!? Didn't you say the Giants lost this game? And who did you end up going with? Amy, right? Or was it your cousin?

Rachel said...

Ah, yes. Such a blissfully happy day. Until they lost. And yes, I went with Amy.