Monday, October 23, 2006

I need a boyfriend... or a pit bull.

I was looking online for the phone number of my apartment complex, and up popped all these articles on Johnia Berry, the girl who was brutally murdered there almost two years ago (things they don't tell you before you sign your lease).
I knew that it had happened, but didn't know any details. Reading this article was very scary! The most disturbing things about it are the following:
~ The people in the other apartments in the building (there are six apartments in each building) all reported hearing her screaming and knocking on their doors, pleading for help as she was literally dying in the hallway. They could see the blood, hear her screams. No one opened their doors or called the police. No one.
~ She was a girl that reportedly "had no enemies" and was the type of person that could make a bad day good. I always assumed that it was some sort of shady situation with a drug deal gone bad or something like that. Apparently, she was as innocent as they come.
~ The apartment complex distributed flyers saying that it was all a result of domestic violence, and refused to retract the statement even once they knew otherwise.

I suddenly feel very unsafe. I really want to meet my new neighbors and become friends with them, so that if I get stabbed (which is always the way that I die in nightmares, by the way, and thus one of my biggest fears), they will call the police. I miss the boys that used to live downstairs!!! They were so sweet, and I felt so safe with them down there. They would definitely have called the police if I was dying. I'm sure of it.


OCA said...

Wow. That's horrible. Definitely the stuff nightmares are made of. You DO have Lupin! Not exactly a Pit-Bull...but Goblins are pretty good protectors, right??

Rachel said...

This was long before my dear Lupin entered my life. I just had cats at this point. :-)