Monday, October 20, 2008

The 20th Thing I Love.

#20 - Live Music.

There is not much in the world like watching an amazing musician and performer. To see anyone doing what they were created to do is a wonderful experience. But there is something specifically about live music that has always moved me.

I got to go to the symphony for free last Thursday night. I love classical music, and hearing it live always makes my soul feel as if it could float out of the building. As the strings played their sweet notes over the intricacies of dozens of instruments, I lost myself to a world of imagination. In moments like this, I see pictures and scenes flash before my closed eyes. I let emotion wash over me. I try to feel what the composer was feeling when he wrote those notes so many years and so many worlds ago. It takes me back in time. It ushers peace and contemplation into my soul. It gives me a time in my life where I can relax and simply enjoy the gifts that God has given to those around me.

There are certain kinds of music that effect me profoundly when I hear them live, even though I may not ever listen to CDs of that style. There is just something about the live performance that changes things. Next I really want to see someone who can capture all the beauty of the world of jazz as I sit at a corner table in some intimate little hole in the wall.

Some other shows that I've thoroughly enjoyed include (but are definitely not limited to): Blindside, Scratch Track, Slow Runner, Nathan Angelo, Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Bleach, Switchfoot, Skillet, Jennifer Knapp, P.O.D., Jim Brickman, Fundamental Elements, and Half Price Hero. If any of them are touring near you, go see them!

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