Monday, March 12, 2012

Choices, choices.

It was nice to take a short break. I think I underestimated how difficult this would be for me. To be honest, I didn't post at the end of last week because I simply didn't want to admit to the public what was going on in my world (I did continue to be exceptionally vulnerable in friendships, though, so I think I should get some partial credit there :-)). I gave myself a bit more grace, even while feeling guilty for not keeping my commitment. How feeble and frail we are! I think this Lent is all about God showing me how depraved I truly am.

Yet God continues to give me blessings, even though I'm oh so aware of how much I don't deserve them. I found out today that I've been accepted to Fuller as well as Wheaton. I truly thought that I'd blown the interview at Fuller, and can't believe I've been accepted. I really did want to only get into one, because I hate having to make decisions like this. I'd rather be told what to do than to find or create my own way. There's less pressure that way, less risk of failure, less chance to make a decision that I'll regret, less chance that I might let someone down or be judged for making a poor decision.

But God gives us choices for a reason. I'm not sure the extent of that reason in general, or why he's given me this choice specifically. But the choice has been given to me. So while I'm going to make this choice, I'd love to hear anyone who has an opinion weigh in! :-)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, I think you have two good choices!

Phil B. said...

You've been accepted to two great institutions. Do the boring thing and make out two lists for each school, with pluses & minuses on each side. Score it, pick the highest scoring one, and then don't look back. God's doing to do for you what He's already planned to do, so just pick one and enjoy the ride. Though it may SEEM like you're entire life's course is dependent upon this really ISN'T. You're still going to be you no matter where you are, and you're still going to impact people in an overwhelmingly positive way no matter where you go, so just pick one and get on with the process of finding a place to live.'re way too awesome to make a bad choice here. Just pick one and GO!