Friday, December 2, 2005

2 December 2005

I've been working for almost two non-stop weeks on Angel Tree stuff, and I'm still not done! But I absolutely love it. Tonight I called the parents and/or guardians of the children being sponsored through Prison Fellowship. They were so kind and grateful (for the most part... one lady did kinda bite my head off when I mentioned her incarcerated husband's name). Many of them said they weren't expecting to be sponsored this year and couldn't thank me enough. Do I have the greatest job ever? I think I do. By the way, if you want to sponsor a child or a family through either Prison Fellowship or Helen Ross McNabb, contact me as soon as possible! There is so much need still out there.

Also yesterday, I got to go to a Compassion Coalition meeting about ending chronic homelessness in Knoxville. It was both enlightening and encouraging to see what is happening here and around the world to eradicate systemic injustice. I can't wait to be a part of the life changing movements that are just beginning to come into full swing.

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