Sunday, December 4, 2005

4 December 2005

Today has been pretty strange so far. I say that not because anything particularly strange happened, but because I've felt "off" in my spirit all day.

I got to church super early this morning to act in Kidstuf, our gigantic kids production that we do in between the two services. I played the poor widow in the Bible that gave the last two coins that she had. I joked that they just wanted me because of my cane. (Oh yeah. For those of you who don't know, I've been downgraded from crutches to a cane.) It was fun, though.

Anyway, after that I rushed to the Angel Tree to answer people's questions and put new kids on the tree. It was pretty hectic and confusing, and I ended up not even making it into the service! It was a really weird thing to be at church in time for both services and not even have the opportunity to go to one. I actually cried once I was out in my car. I think I was mostly just stressed, but I didn't realize how much I love being a part of our service until I missed it today.

Tonight I'm singing for our small group fellowship. I should probably be picking out songs right now instead of typing this...

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