Sunday, April 8, 2012

40 Days.

Easter has come. Lent is over. I’ve missed a lot of dates during this process. Some of them have been intentionally taken off to give myself grace and not to force myself farther than I feel I can go. Some of them have simply been forgotten. But I am a woman of my word. So here are 40 things I’d rather you not know about me. Happy Easter, friends. I am so thankful for this story of redemption.

February 22nd - I sing along with Mariah Carey.
February 23rd - I'm terrified of being teacher's pet.
February 24th - I already want to quit.
February 25th - I watch too much TV.
February 26th - Sunday.
February 27th - I am afraid of people thinking I'm a hypochondriac.
February 28th - I don't like to sweat.
February 29th - I feel valued when I am helpful.
March 1st - I failed.
March 2nd - I'm a messy person.
March 3rd - I wore pajamas all day today.
March 4th - Sunday.
March 5th - I don't like being vulnerable.
March 6th - I want people to think I have good taste in music.
March 7th - I'm not as good as you think I am.
March 8th - I was not okay today.
March 9th - I could not bring myself to be vulnerable today. It was too painful.
March 10th - I could not admit what was in my heart this day.
March 11th - Sunday.
March 12th - I'm indecisive.
March 13th - I eat unhealthy food while I watch Biggest Loser.
March 14th - I’m trying to guilt my sister into caring for my sickly and elderly cat because I don’t think I have the emotional capacity to handle it if my cat dies when I’m living alone in Chicago.
March 15th - The only place I've ever been asked for my phone number is at a gas station in the middle of nowhere.
March 16th - I feel guilty when I have a crush on someone.
March 17th - I'm so stressed that I don't know what town I'm supposed to be in next weekend.
March 18th - Sunday.
March 19th - I have a mild case of Bieber Fever.
March 20th - I am a procrastinator.
March 21st - I want to be a writer.
March 22nd - I might be co-dependent with my dog.
March 23rd - I reuse outfits.
March 24th - I went to see the Hunger Games. And I've read all the books.
March 25th - Sunday.
March 26th - I hate having my picture taken.
March 27th - Not only do I sin, but I resist grace.
March 28th - My most embarrassing moment is...
March 29th - It makes me angry when people treat me like I’m stupid.
March 30th - I’ve always wished I had a brother. I think I want to feel protected.
March 31st - Music is bittersweet to me.
April 1st - Sunday.
April 2nd - I hate goodbyes.
April 3rd - Sometimes when I'm really stressed, I add things to my to do list sometimes just so I can check them off.
April 4th - I'm lonely.
April 5th - I’m not properly excited about graduating.
April 6th - I think cursing can be holy.
April 7th - I still hate being vulnerable, and I’m afraid that I will not be able to find appropriate balance on this journey. But I trust that God has used this to teach me what he wanted to teach me, and not simply what I wanted to learn.
April 8th - Easter. Thank you God.

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